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The fascination of history is that no state of affairs persists for ever and it is in its turning points that history’s greatest moments are to be found: The points where events take a new direction.

The best known turning point is in the story of creation itself as recorded in the Bible in the book of Genesis 1:1:

“And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.”

It was not that God abolished darkness altogether; for how can one appreciate light if one has never known darkness. All that was ordained was that darkness should not enjoy unrivalled control over the affairs of the earth.

Two critical things followed. First, God declared that of the two forces, darkness and light, “light” alone was good. Second, God separated light from darkness.

Light having been declared “good”, men seek for the light to shine on the good things that they do, whilst for the bad and evil deeds that they do men look for the cover of darkness.

Thus, from the earliest days of creation the eternal forces of darkness and light have co-existed and competed for domination over the lives of men and, at any given time and in any given era, one of the two forces is dominant.

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